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  1. I have a long history of knee issues. That’s actually one of the reasons I started weight training heavy. If I keep my legs strong, it eases some of my knee pain. I’ve also had achilles tendonitis which was just brutal after I was given very poor advice from a professional about footwear for running. Needless to say, I ended up with $150 runners I couldn’t wear or return.

  2. Yeah you can make good money somedays, and nothing other days. It’s called working for tips!Just hold the guys clubs, and shut the f**k up unless the dude paying you wants you to talk. It’s as simple as that.

  3. I’ve been looking for moms I can relate to as well. I haven’t even found any moms groups here yet, although I admit I could probably put a little more effort into it.I’d also like to find a few moms I can meet with on a one-to-one basis, hang out, gossip, and generally be comfortable around.I wish all my blog friends lived closer.

  4. they produced evidence that only one person travel to the US from Kenya by air. And that one perosn was not a US citizen. Unless, the Obamas traveled by boat, they were not iin Kenya iin 1961. Also it is known that Obama Sr. attended a class at Unin. of Hawaii in July, 1961. So Stanley Ann would have traveled alone to Kenya.

  5. I don’t usually gravitate towards red as a color either, but after seeing your beautiful red yarn I want to run out and get some red fiber. It is amazing how much difference another run through the carder can make in the finished product. Both skeins are absolutely gorgeous!

  6.   MeikeJuly 11, 2012I just bought a pair of bright red hunters and I absolutely love them, they look very cute! I’ve already jumped around in puddles like a little kid, hope no one was looking…

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