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Mad Mentsch: The story of North Jersey’s classiest Jewish ad agency.

Segment 1: “Bully”
Don Drayfus confides in Roger Silverman before pitching to another nonprofit client.

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“Mad Mentsch: Bully”
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Josh Eichenbaum — Don Drayfus
Stephen DeCordova — Roger Silverman
Jason Lott — Pete Campbelman
Susan Morgenstern — Bubbie Joan
Eric Ramey — Paul Kinstein

Sean Topps — Client #1
Erich Thomas Lane — Client #2

Created by
Mendy Pellin

Written by
Mendy Pellin and Arnon Z. Shorr

Produced and Directed by
Arnon Z. Shorr

Casting Director: Farrah West, Miles/West Casting

Cinematographer: Alan Dean
2nd Camera Operator: Arash Khezri

Sound: Wesley Claggett

Art Director: Karri Miles

Makeup: Abe Steinberg

Production Assistant: Jonathan Knapp

Security: Jordan Pierson

Editor: Arnon Z. Shorr

Jewbellish Theme Music
“Mad Mentsch” Theme Music
by Bonnie Janofsky

Title Animation by Alpha Studios Animators:
Kaitlyn Yang
Carlo Vega

“Mad Mentsch” Animation Customizations:
Arnon Z. Shorr
Art Brain Studios

Special Thanks to:
Ruth Inouye, J Brand Jeans

Payroll Services Provided By: ABS Payroll & Production Accounting Services
Payroll Coordinator: Robert Goudie

Produced under the AFTRA/SAG New Media Agreement

PRESS RELEASE: "Temple Run" Parody Goes Viral

Jewish High Holiday Video Hits 11,000 Views in First Day

    • The latest episode of “Jewbellish: The Show” had a viral start on YouTube this week, hitting 11,000 views in its first day online.

    • The video, a parody of hit smartphone game, “Temple Run”, is the first viral hit of the High Holiday season.

    • “Temple Run – High Holiday Edition” can be viewed here on YouTube.

    • Brief Premise: Ever felt like running out of Temple on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur? If you did, would your Rabbis chase you down? This is one man’s story of Temple fear.

    • Video was written and directed by Comedian Mendy Pellin. His last High Holiday viral video can be viewed here with him dipping an iPad in honey.

    • “Jewbellish: The Show” is produced by Jewish humor website www.jewbellish.com

Within hours of its release, the latest episode of “Jewbellish: The Show” was viewed thousands of times, and shared widely on Facebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere. “Temple Run – High Holiday Edition” is a parody video directed by Mendy Pellin for the Jewish sketch comedy web series. It was shot in the Los Angeles area last week.

“Temple Run – High Holiday Edition” features a Jewish character (played by Jason Lott) running away from Temple. He is chased all over town by two Rabbis (Kai Cofer and Tim Huxtable).

“My kids play ‘Temple Run’ all the time,” says Mendy Pellin, a world-renowned Jewish comedian. “When the idea for the video hit me, I knew we had something really funny.” Plans for the video were hatched in July. Production took place in Los Angeles and Malibu last week. “I wasn’t sure we’d be able to pull this off,” says “Jewbellish” producer, Arnon Z. Shorr. “The logistical challenges alone were enough to make my head spin.” Thanks to Mendy’s encouragement, production plowed ahead.

The cast includes two “Jewbellish” veterans, Jason Lott and Kai Cofer, who will appear in later episodes as characters in “Mad Mentsch”, a Jewbellish “Mad Men” parody. Mr. Lott also worked with Mr. Pellin and Mr. Shorr on “A Modest Suggestion”, a feature film shot in 2010.

With eight more “Jewbellish” videos in the post-production pipeline, and the possibility of a second season on the horizon, Mr. Pellin and Mr. Shorr aren’t sitting back to watch the numbers roll in. “I hope everyone who’s enjoying our ‘Temple Run’ parody comes back next week to Jewbellish with us some more” says Mr. Pellin.

“Temple Run – High Holiday Edition” is the eighth episode of “Jewbellish: The Show”, a web series produced by the Jewish humor and alternative culture website and APP, www.jewbellish.com. Mendy Pellin, a well-known comedian, is president of Jewbellish, LLC., and executive producer of “Jewbellish: The Show.” He wrote and directed the “Temple Run” episode. Arnon Z. Shorr is an independent filmmaker, a regular collaborator of Mr. Pellin’s, and producer of “Jewbellish: The Show”.

The video ends instructing the viewer to “start your year with the RIGHT APP,” referring to the newly released Jewbellish free APP. The APP lets users get their “Jewbellish Score” and see how Jewish they are based on visual, voice, IQ and trivia.

Additional information can be found at the following websites:

Official Site:   www.jewbellish.com

“Jewbellish: The Show” YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JEWBELLish?feature=watch

“Jewbellish” on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2918620/combined

Sarah Socher         Media Relations, Jewbellish, LLC         sarah@jewbellish.com

Mendy Pellin           President, Jewbellish, LLC                  mendy@jewbellish.com 

Arnon Z. Shorr        Producer, “Jewbellish: The Show”        shorr@aol.com       781-724-0581

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Not many people know this about the 7-foot basketball star, but his Jewbellish score was pretty high! Watch this 8-minute ESPN documentary about his start in the Borscht Belt >> 

In 1954, before his senior year of high school, Wilt Chamberlain took a summer job that would change his life. He worked as a bellhop at Kutshers Country Club, a Jewish resort in the Catskill Mountains. By day he was making 2 dollars an hour and getting great tips from the awestruck guests as he lifted their luggage through a second floor window while standing outside on the ground.

At night, he played on the Kutshers basketball team and was coached hard by the resorts athletic director, the soon-to-be legendary Red Auerbach. Mixing rarely-seen archival video and interviews with people who lived and worked with Wilt during that magical summer, this documentary short reveals an unexplored and pivotal chapter in the life of one of basketballs greatest players, and a fascinating glimpse of a time when a very different era of basketball met the Borscht Belt in its heyday.


J Lo Does Bar Mitzvah

At THIS Bar Mitzvah – Sam is really The Man!

How would you like a little Jeniffer Lopez at your Bar Mitzvah? Sam Horowitz ushered in his new Bar Mitzvah status on a stage of shiksas in Dallas. Would you do this for your son if you had the challah?