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Their truck says 1-800-Pick-ups. One friendly UPS worker lived up to that ‘pick-up’ promise in a unique way. He helped a Hasidic young man pick-up a local Hasidic girl; and they’re getting married!

Illustration Photo: Comedian Mendy Pellin poses in front of UPS truck with his bride Shulamit

In this close-knit community of Crown Heights, the matchmakers (shadchanim) just got competition.
As reported on The Partial View blog, a UPS driver in Crown heights had an idea and acted as shadchan (matchmaker) between the boy and the girl, stated the Israeli website Charedim10.

The driver, while making his daily deliveries around Crown heights, got to know his customers well. One day he had an idea of matching up this boy and girl he knew. He gave each one the info about the other and within a few weeks they were engaged! Talk about fast delivery! The L’Chaim (engagement party) took place and the shadchan was there to join in the celebration.

The UPS driver
What can brown do for YOU?
The UPS driver/matchmaker stands between the new bride and groom

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Talk Yiddish To Me (Nisht-Dirty Parody)

Jason Derulo took a sweet Yiddish melody for his recent hit. Jewbellish took it back.


Bubby: Jewbellish? Ha ha…

Jewbellish with me
I’m that type with a prayer shawl
Sway side to side
First-class style with my swag, ya’ll
Is Jewish pride
Cuz I, I know what them curls need
Monroe to Monsey
Got fishstick stains on my passport
It’s bubby’s recipe
Been around the world, they don’t speak my language
But your bubby don’t need explainin’
All I need you to understand is
Will. You. Talk Yiddish to me?
Talk Yiddish to me
איינצ – וואס מאכסט א איד
צוויי – וואס טוט זיך מיר
דריי – קים אריין
And talk Yiddish to me
Ya, Talk Yiddish to me
איינצ צוויי דריי

קים אריין אין מיין הויז – מי גייט אויף א שפאציר

וואטש דיין שטריימעל – צו גייסט צוברעכן מיין טיר
איך האב א גיטע טשולענט פאר די עולם צו עסן
מיר ברענגט נישט דיין באבע זי גייט אלעס פרעסן
מיין באבע רעדט אידיש און מיין טאטע אויך
די ערשטע ווארט איך האב געלערנט איז א גוטע וואך
איך האב נישט סתם א מיני ווען
ס’קומט פולי לודעד מיט א בעק אפ קאם
דו, דו ביסט, דו ביסט א יאץ
און דיינע ברידער איז א קלאץ
דו, דו ביסט, דו ביסט א פערד
און דיינע מוטער האט א בערד
Free Translation of Yiddish:
Welcome to my crib, let’s go for a stroll
Watch that streimel (alt: hat), you gonna break my door
I have good cholent (alt: stew) for my homies to eat
Don’t bring your bubby (alt: grandma), she’s gonna down it all
My bubby talks Yiddish and my dad does too
The first phrase that I learned was “have a good week” (alt: get a life)
I don’t just have a regular minivan
It comes fully loaded with a back-up cam
You, You are a yutz
And your brother is a klutz
You, You are a horse
And your mother has a beard
Oy yoy yoy yoy, oyoyoyoyoy….
Talk Yiddish to me!
Bubby: What? I don’t understand
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Our 7 Favorite Purim Pics

Happy Shushan Purim! Enjoy our favorite pics that are circulating the interwebs on this Hangover Day. (If you see something that should be on this list, please post the link below.)

7. This image made its rounds on Purim. I guess the clown could throw off the enemy.


6. Guess these costumes were out of season and on sale. Anything on sale is automatically Jewish, no?

5. No need to be politically correct on Purim!

4. The judges must have loved her glasses.

3. Jewbellish president Mendy Pellin sporting some cool bling bling!
IMG_20140316_1924522. This should probably be the uniform for those that are half soldier half yeshiva student.
Purim costume half Haredi half soldier

1. This is just awesome! Window cleaners in an Israeli hospital (Shneider Children’s Medical Center) dressed up differently on Purim to cheer up the children. Spiderman! Yes!
Window cleaners give some Purim entertainment at Shneider Children's Medical Center in Petah Tikvah.