Rogers Park – Sukkah’s Falling

The fun holiday that follows Yom Kippur finally gets the attention it deserves. Watch this zany music video by Rogers Park in association with Jewbellish. Sukkahs are falling, Lulavs are flying, and there are some sweet vocal harmonies in this visual treat.

Rogers Park debut music video, “Sukkah’s Falling”.
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Filmed and Edited by: Mendel Katz

Produced and Directed by: Yosef & Mordy

Creative Director: Mordy Kurtz

Song Recorded at: Basement Record Studio

Song Mixed, Mastered, and Engineered by: Dov Gurewicz

Lyrics and Vocals: Rogers Park (Yosef & Mordy)

Instruments: Dov Gurewicz

Song Parody of: Paul McCartney’s “I’ve Just Seen A Face.”


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