Meet Bono the Hasid – U2 Singer Dresses Hasidic to Conceal Identity

Bono decided that a Hasid would be the last thing anyone would associate the U2 singer as looking like. That’s why he regularly dresses Hasidic to evade paparazzi and fans.


Unfortunately, Reuters and the Jerusalem Post have not secured an image of the Hasidic Bono.  But no worries! We’ve used the Jewbellish Meter APP to calculate what Bono looks like as a Hasid.



3 Friends Become Hasidic – The Before & After Picture is Epic!

Many secular Israelis pack their bags after the army and go soul searching in India. Sometimes one of them is inspired to adopt the orthodox Jewish lifestyle in the process. This time all three friends decided to become hasidic – all in different hasidic sects.

This before and after picture will leave you wondering what you may look like as a hasid and what hasidic folks would look like if they were just dudes and gals.


CLICK IMAGE TO ZOOM IN (Photo: Yaakov Sandler)

Search for the “Jewbellish Meter” APP to see what you’d look like as a hasid.