You want I should tell you what Jewbellish is?
Most of us Jewbellish (pronounced: Jew-BELL-ish) several times daily without even knowing it. Every time we answer a question with another question or proudly search for Jewish last names in the credits at the end of a movie we’re Jewbellishing.
Don’t be ashamed, it’s something to be very proud of!
Linguistic scholars spent countless hours puzzling over an exact definition for the term Jewbellish. But with so much nature, nurture, history, emotions, guilt and freshly-baked knish packed into a single term it’s no wonder Rebbetzin Miriam Webster decided to omit the word from the dictionary entirely.
Enter Jewbellish — a home for all that Jewbellish.
Gentile. Non-Gentile. All are welcome!
We’re confident that the more time you spend with us, the more Jewbellish you’ll feel. So watch, wear, read, laugh, and interact. Let’s all enjoy and embrace our inner Jewbellish!


So, who are the heroes behind Jewbellish?
Our chairman is fashion legend Jeff Rudes, CEO of J Brand Jeans. The president is Hassidic comedian and entertainer Mendy Pellin. An unlikely match to say the least! But, what do they have in common? They both love to joke around and Jewbellish. So expect a big laugh… with style! Which reminds me of an old joke – forget it, you probably heard it already.


Mendy Pellin
The president of Jewbellish is Mendy Pellin, a Hassidic comedian and filmmaker. Pellin’s unique style of
blending Jewish spirituality and out-of-the-box humor has won him wide critical acclaim. He has worked

JB_2closely with A-list celebrities and has performed his comedy around the globe appearing on the likes of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian. He’s also garnered millions of YouTube views with his unique viral videos. Mendy lives with his family in Los Angeles, CA.


Jeff Rudes
Our chairman is fashion legend Jeff Rudes, CEO of J Brand Jeans. Bringing with him more than thirty years of design and market experience, Rudes founded J Brand Jeans with the vision of creating jeans that fit so perfectly they followed the contours of one’s body. J Brand is featured in more than 2000 specialty and luxury stores worldwide. Rudes pioneered the French jeans boom in America in the late 1970s. Jeff lives with his family in Los Angeles, CA.