What is Jewbellish?
Ahh, I’m glad you asked!
Let’s start with how to pronounce the word: Jew-Bell-ish. See, not that difficult. And you were afraid of saying Jewbellish out loud.
Don’t be ashamed, it’s something to be very proud of. Most of us Jewbellish several times daily without even knowing it! Until now, some were unaware as to the term of their action (or inaction).
Finally there is a home for all that Jewbellish.
Gentile. Non-Gentile. All are welcome!
So, what is Jewbellish?
Ahh, I’m glad you asked!
Many scholars have spent countless hours in the hopes of putting together coherent words that would give an accurate representation as to the definition of the term. Which reminds me of a story… but we’ll get to that later.
There’s a reason why Rebbetzin Miriam Webster omitted Jewbellish from the dictionary. (Which reminds me of another story). Because definitions by nature make tangible and limit the infinite. But when a word is so complex as to be loaded with the infinite, nature, nurture, history, emotions, spiritual danishes and mothers, there can be no mundane wording that can justify a definition.
Enter Jewbellish. The more time you spend with us, the more you’ll FEEL the definition. So watch, wear, read, laugh and interact. Let’s all enjoy and embrace our inner Jewbellish!
So, who are the hero’s behind Jewbellish?
Our chairman is fashion legend Jeff Rudes. Our president is comedy legend Mendy Pellin. What do they have in common? They both love to laugh and Jewbellish. So expect many laughs… with style! Which reminds me of an old joke. Forget it, you probably heard it already.