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How Jew are You?

If you watch The Office on NBC, you probably have a little crush on Ameena Kaplan. It’s not just Darryl that has his eye on her. But if you’re Jewish you may have an advantage over Darryl, as Ameena prefers Jewish men. Why? Because she’s part of the club.

She recently starred in a comedy sketch alongside Comedian Mendy Pellin. They both may have different looks, but are equally 100% Jew. They celebrated their diversity on set by Jewbellishing.



Jewish law is famous for ‘walls and fences’ to prevent one from stepping on biblical transgression. Jewish law is also famous for Loopholes. This image is a great example of a brilliant loophole around the Rabbinical internet ban. When you can’t ‘thumbs-up’ your picture on Facebook, do it manually in the image.

If James Bond was Jewish…

The 007 gear would look something like this:

The teapot

On the outside it looks like a teapot, but the inside is a pimped out Jewish department store. These photos were just posted by someone on with the description: “I got this from my grandfather. It’s a teapot that has secret Jewish religious objects.”

How would you like your tea?

A Megilla!A Megilla!

A Menorah!A Menorah!

A seder plate!A seder plate!

A spice holderA spice holder

And all closed up again.And all closed up again.

But turn it to the side, and there’s another secret!But turn it to the side, and there's another secret!

But wait!But wait!



Etrog holder.Etrog holder.

Everything open.Everything open.

Front View.Front View.



It’s a dreidle!It's a dreidle!

Next layer down.Next layer down.

Next piece…Next piece...


Shabbat candlesticksShabbat candlesticks

Take off the top piece…Take off the top piece...

The eternal flame.The eternal flame.

Under the candlesticks…Under the candlesticks...

With the shammas.With the shammas.

h/t Arnon Shorr via Facebook