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    1. After looking at their service list, I really really REALLY want to know what a brazilian for pregnant ladies is like. Why does it cost exactly the same as their other brazilians except it needs another category? This makes me extremely suspicious of pregnancy. Do things happen to your pubes when you’re pregnant, but no one will ever tell you, just like all my friends get this weird, wistful smile on their face when they say that intercourse is “different” after giving birth?“What do you mean, &#f820;dif8erent”?ࢬJust different, that’s all…. oh, look how cute my offspring is!”

    2. Enquanto formos todos otários nesse grau, connrtuaiemos pagando sem chiar e nos deliciando diante da Globo & Cia em geral e da novela das oito,além dos BBBBBBBB … Paga imposto, contribuinte brasileiro. Você merece.

    3. estuve en falkata viernes y sábado 100% recomendabble.(no subir a la sala de arriba)todos están comidos de M) recomiendo una nada más entrar seguir recto hasta la maquina de tabaco y luego a la izquierda es al aire libre y hay buen rollo alli

    4. La plage de Santa Giulia n’est vraiment belle qu’en hors saison. Autrement on se marche dessus. Il y a quand même bien d’autres plages magnifiques en Corse

    5. Oops!ALYB: I misread your word-brick–as you’ve by now detected.Nevertheless, and nothwithstanding that the question’s foundations have dramatically changed, I still wonder on your opinion of the antithetical-ness (or lack thereof) between Stalinism and Nazism. (As one who once studied Europe in the early and mid-20th Century it’s a historical question I’ve often pondered without a satisfying result. Hmmm, maybe we should forget it: this seems more a topic for a ‘tangent-thread’.)

      1. Maybe youtube wants people to look at videos that aren't necessarily already the most popular.But that still sucks.Bring back the button for sorting by view count.

      2. Have you given any consideration at all with translating your main web page into Spanish? I know a several of translaters right here that would certainly help you do it for free if you wanna make contact with me personally.

      3. The front has arrived here. Down from high 60s and 70s to 40s. I guess I will have to dig out some socks to wear to leftovers dinner tonight. Meanwhile, I have had to boost the thermostat in my house.I hope the crazy shoppers have purchased all of MM’s holiday merchandise.

      4. Microsoft is as tight-lipped as ever, but it’s Wednesday, so maybe we’ll get a non-update update from Eric H. today on the Windows Phone Blog. Just guessing, I’d say it’s probably be rolled out over time, and not to everyone at once.

      5. I was just searching for this info for some time. After 5 hours of online searching, at last I saw it in your site. I wonder why Yahoo never show this kind of useful web sites in the top SERP. Most of the time the first few sites are full of junks. Maybe it is time to change to another search engine.

    6. Ja klar – und mit dem Blaulicht schmilzt dann das Eis/der Schnee vorm RTW und man hat freie Bahn. Blaulicht bewirkt wahre Wunder… *kopfschüttel*Es gibt sie überall – die Leuchten der Leidstellen *böse Schnepfe*BTW: Toller neuer Header =)

    7. I really have now bought a personal site back once again and so i provide possibly always been using note this important onto a recurring. Afterward you use a loads of tips correct liked working out have the benefit of lookup involving on-line plus. Keep a great industry!

    1. tracey · Hello there lovely Teresa – Oh yes, it’s a very nice read indeed. I do think Greg would like it … yo#u182&7;re very welcome to borrow it any time you like!

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